Letters of Recommendation


Chris Young was my manager from September 2012 to April 2015.



Nicholas Thorp was my co-worker at Bank of America.




 “Justin was a key contributor to the successes we had in our support roles in 2018.  He is the lead support person for the legacy ETL Automation and Sample Automation LMAs where he ensured successful execution\delivery of ETLs and Samples.  Additionally, tools he’s developed have improved many processes for our DevOps team, Centralized QA team, Trifacta Development teams, and EIT Leaders.  Many of these tools were possibly because of his self-motivation to expand his skills as a developer by learning new programming languages, such as Python.  Justin is highly regarded and appreciated by his peers as he’s always willing to help and share knowledge with them.  He has also received many recognitions and awards as he’s highly regarded and appreciated by business partners, tech partners, and EIT leaders.  I also have an immense appreciation for Justin, not only because of his contributions, partnerships, trustworthiness, but also because of the friendship we have built.  I am forever grateful with him and I’m excited for what the future holds in his future.


·         Expert Developer

·         Creative\Problem solver

·         Self-motivated

·         Expert in documentation

·         Shares knowledge

·         “Can do” attitude

·         Trustworthy

·         Productive

·         Many leadership qualities

Forward Outlook:

Justin should continue to strive on being a peer-leader in all areas of DevOps.  As a DevOps SME, Justin should guide, train, motivate, and mentor his peers to do the same.  Regarding new development, he should look to discuss, plan, and prepare before developing new tools as coverage and cross training is critical.  When communicating with others Justin’s input is extremely viable, however, he should further consider the recipients role\position when he conveys his inputs.  For example, sympathizing with Jr Developers when providing them support.  When calling out or identifying issues, he should use his problem solving skills and present\recommend solutions and collaborate on seeing them through.  Lastly, he should focus on strengthening relationships with business and technical partners.”

-Adrian Villaseñor     Vice President / Testing Manager

“I worked with Justin in the same Global Compliance Team, making sure that the many Bank's activities are inline with the Feds, State, and County requirements and regulations. I can attests to Justin's exceptional ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects, interact with other team members, and even mentoring other employees. His deep knowledge in Oracle/Teradata/SQL Server, T-SQL, VB.NET/C#, VBA Office integration, XML and SQL Server Integration Services as well as his self built software packages made our team unsurpassed. To conclude, Justin is a super talented and a bright data integration engineer that every company needs.“

-Steve Rezhener     Database Engineer - Analytics and Reporting on AWS SQL Server

“Working with Justin over the past 6+ months, he has been very helpful in supporting highly complex and frequently changing processes. He is prompt in his communication and is committed todoing the right thing, persevering through adversity and challenges! “

-Jessica Adlin-Lowery     Sr Compliance Manager at Bank of America

"Justin is an innovator. He is smarter than he thinks."

-Simone Samantha Bryan Financial     Advisor / Project Manager at Net One Global